Sunday, 12 March 2017

Once Bittern

8th March 2017

This is the day of the big trip to Loch of Kinnordy to find a Bittern and a Smew.  It should have been on Sunday.  Unfortunately Jill woke up in absolute agony with her back so the trip had to be delayed.  It wasn't going to be such a big trip.  The aim was to travel in the dark and get back for lunch time. This was the plan for today and it worked out well.

Loch of Kinnordy is an RSPB reserve in Angus.  Unlike the Loch of Strathbeg you can park the car and walk to all the three hides.  Two of them are accessible for people with mobility problems and the paths are fit for wheelchairs, wheeled walkers and pushchairs.  The RSPB should look at phasing in this sort of accessibility to all its reserves.  In addition all the hides are close to the water, giving the visitor a much better experience.  And it meant I could get better photos.

Greylag Goose

Boardwalk to the aptly named 'Swamp Hide'
I did see the Bittern but I was not able to get a photograph.  While I was scanning the loch with binoculars for the Smew when the Bittern flew across my field of vision.  I only had time to see it disappear into the reeds very close to the hide I was in.  I waited in vain for it to show itself.

I didn't see the Smew at all.  It was supposed to commute between the Loch of Kinnordy and a reservoir a few miles up the road.  The reservoir was big and surrounded by a beech hedge and conifers so it was impossible to stop the car on the narrow road and get a view if it.  When I got there it was raining, raining hard, so I deemed it impossible to get out of the car to get a look over the water.  The Smew will have to wait for another day.

Here are a few more trip photos

Greylag Goose stretching

Male and Female Bullfinch

Female Pheasant

Brown Hare

Male Wigeon

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  1. As you say the RSPB should do this on all their reserves. There are very few I, as a member, can visit.

    1. For more information about birding for people with disabilities go to