Monday, 17 April 2017

Swallow and Rainbow

I went on the Invernorth walk this morning.  It was cold, there was a frost in sheltered places, the sun had just risen and bathed everything in a beautiful gold light.

The first thing I saw stepping out of the front door was a female blackbird posing on a fence post catching the early rays.

There were another four on other posts along the road.  Song Thrushes chose higher perches.

Song Thrush

Song Thrush

Their singing was loud in the still air and carried even further from the tops of poles and trees.

A buzzard was even higher, not for singing but for surveillance. 

 It saw me coming and made for a tree top a little further away from the road.


 Other birds enjoying the early morning sun included a Robin

a Yellowhammer


and a Corn Bunting

Corn Bunting
but most exciting of all was my first swallow of 2017

Swallow with Pied Wagtail on the left

It looked pretty exhausted and bedraggled.

Then the rain came in producing rainbows.  At first they were little bits of rainbows

Then full arcs, unfortunately I only had my telephoto lens so could not get the full picture.  The colours in the morning light were as intense as I have ever seen.

total on list 149

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