Monday, 24 April 2017

An 'X' rated post

This post is 'X' rated.  For younger people it means if it were a film it would carry a British Board of Film Classification '18'.

This is for two reasons.  The first is that some of the images are of a sexual nature.  Like this one

Ospreys Copulating
The other reason is 'X' rated in the sense that information has been censored.  I am not going to give the location of the above action.

On the 18th April I went to buy some bird food (mixed seed with no cereal) and sunflower seen hearts, in Mintlaw an small but growing village eight miles down the road.

There are quite a few bird feeders in the garden.  That attracts quite a few birds so the feeders run out every day.  It is part of my morning routine to fill them up again.  A count of the garden birds is sent of the the British Trust for Ornithology every week as part of 'Garden Bird Watch'  I would encourage you all to be
part of this volunteer survey.  I try to avoid having bird feeders in my photos but I found this one from a month ago.
Four Greenfinches on Sunflower Seed Hearts
Anyway on this visit I went to a nearby 'reserve'.  It is not an official reserve but the land owner has done a lot of work to encourage birds and has laid out paths for visitors. On this brief visit I saw 17 bird species.  My main aim was to see the Ospreys that I knew had returned to the site to get it as a year tick.



I also to a 'cleaver' photo of the lake.
Total on list 150

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