Saturday, 13 May 2017

The missing 'Beast'

on 12th May Alex and I went on a hunt for the 'Beast'.  Armed with a hand drawn map that would have put Long John Silvers' to shame (thanks Jimmy) we set of to Strathspey.

On the river Spey I found a 'tick.
Common Sandpiper
There were Mallard, Goldeneye, Black-headed Gulls, a Dipper and surprisingly a pair of Common Terns

Common Terns
And an angler.

Salmon Fishing on the Spey

We reached the 'X' on the map without any problem.  The habitat was perfect 'Beast' country.

All it lacked was the 'Beast' itself that might have been because a group of five birders got to the place just before us or it could have been that it was somewhere else in the large pine forest. However it did contain my second tick of the day a Tree Pipit

Tree Pipit
On our way back to Buchan we did a quick stop at Dufftown and went on a short walk along the river Fiddich on the off chance of picking up a few, or any, woodland summer visitors.  I think we were a bit early as there weren't any.   I did get some pictures though

Doe Deer

Long-tailed Tit

Alex spotted a strange bird in the river flapping around some rocks - closer inspection revealed a piece of black plastic.  He did it again just North of Ellon.  I had to stop and turn back on the A90 ( not an easy or quicktask) to look at the 'bird' on a fence post - it was another piece of black plastic.  Well it could have been a Cuckoo!

Total on list 176

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